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Can I Convert a Free Track Into a Premium Track?

No, it's not possible to revert a Free Track and re-use it as a Premium Track, nor to delete a Free Track and upload it as Premium. 

It's also not allowed to have the same track published as both Free and Premium, even if you make slight changes to the title, description, audio quality, adding background music, or the length of the track.

It is crucial that our premium subscribers see the value of getting access to unique content, and that users discover sufficient reasons on our Premium Content to subscribe to MemberPlus. This supports Insight Timer's revenue-sharing business model, providing more resources to be distributed to teachers.

For this reason, we encourage you to upload new high-quality content to enhance your portfolio. This is a great opportunity to provide your audience with fresh and valuable materials, and we look forward to seeing what you'll create.

If you mistakenly published your Premium Track as a Free Track, please contact our Publishing Team within 48 hours.

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