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Insight Timer Teachers Integrity and Conduct Policy

We work to protect our Teacher Community’s income and ensure that our teachers are rewarded fairly for engaging and connecting with their students. To ensure the integrity of our revenue-sharing model, we have implemented the following policies to deter fraudulent activities:

  • Teachers must not create or be associated with accounts that artificially generate plays or engagement. The use of virtual assistants, or any related accounts for this purpose is prohibited.

  • Teachers should only upload content they have created, own the copyrights to, or have the legal rights to distribute.

Actions which may be taken

  • Teachers found taking part in the above actions will have their accounts temporarily or permanently removed from Insight Timer.

  • Revenue obtained from these activities or copyright infringement will be forfeited.

  • Given the seriousness of these offences, legal action may be taken.


As a teacher, can I play my content multiple times?

Yes, you can, and we encourage you to do so as it is a great way to review your content on the app. Please note that those plays will not count towards your pay, as we reward teachers for legitimate plays generated by the community.

As a teacher, can I have a user account separated from my teacher account?

Yes, you can, as long as it is not deliberately used to generate artificial plays or engagement.

What should I do if I suspect unusual behaviour by a teacher on Insight Timer?

You can report any concerns to Insight Timer's Support Team for further investigation. Please send an email to publishers@insight.co.

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