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How Can I Engage With My Course Students?

Every course on the app has a classroom, providing an opportunity for reflections and discussions about the course's topic. Course students use the classroom to ask questions to the teacher while they make their way through the course.

Teachers are encouraged to dedicate around 15 minutes a day to respond to course questions and reviews, especially during the first two (2) weeks following the course's launch. This will also help the long-term success of the course. 

Replying to comments in the Course Classroom

Teachers can reply to course classroom comments either via text or audio. It's best to utilize the audio feature as well, to build a more personal connection with the student. To do this, simply: 

  1. Log in to the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click on the Courses tab on the left side of the screen
  3. Select the Course you would like to check 
  4. Sort by 'Newest Replies' and you will see a host of responses 
  5. Once you see the questions/comments, you can write a reply by: 

Using generative AI to suggest responses to course classroom questions. You can review, edit, and approve the suggestions to ensure they are accurate. 

Writing your reply in the text box (without the suggested responses) or sending an audio reply by clicking the microphone button. There are prompts you can follow to make sure that the audio reply is properly recorded. You also have an option to record the reply separately and upload the file. Click the 'Submit Recording' button to save and submit the reply.

NOTE: You will also receive notifications on the Teacher Dashboard and via email whenever you receive a new Course classroom comment.

Course Classroom Etiquette

The course classroom is an interactive environment that serves as a platform to engage with students and address their inquiries. We encourage you to focus on fostering a conducive learning environment within the course classroom.

We will not tolerate any promotion of off-platform activities, which includes mentions and links to external resources (e.g. providing links to additional PDF resources), products, services, websites, books, courses, social media, retreats, email newsletters, and/or providing or requesting personal data from students.

Insight Timer's goal is to create a quiet place of contemplation for the community and to support our diverse teacher community, teachers earn income by engaging with students through message replies. 

While we celebrate and reward genuine and thoughtful engagements, please note that we do not reward behaviors that artificially contribute to increasing the number of comments, plays, and reviews.

We reserve the right to unpublish courses that do not follow these guidelines. For any questions/clarifications, please contact us at publishers@insight.co


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