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What is the Course's Survey?

At the end of each lesson, students will have the opportunity to answer a reflective question.

You will be able to add these reflective questions at the end of each lesson.

NOTE: This section is mandatory as it is part of the course's format on the app.

Please write a reflective question and 4 possible answers. 

General guidelines:

- Note that this is not intended to be a quiz: there are no right or wrong answers, it is a space to reflect on the lesson.

- Each lesson should have its own unique question (they cannot be the same question for different lessons)

- There should be 4 unique answers for each question (answers should not be repeated for the same question)
- Do not include any offensive or judgmental questions or answers


From Jennifer Piercy's "Your Guide To Deeper Sleep":

What are you most drawn to from today’s lesson?

  • Forgiving imperfect sleep
  • To try non-judgment in sleep
  • Befriending wakefulness
  • Sleep as a seed of new beginnings

From Fleur Chamber's "You Belong: A Journey Home":

Which part of your day do you feel most inspired to make ‘extraordinary’?

  • The morning
  • The middle of the day
  • The end of the day
  • My entire day

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