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Capture Group Video Call Feed from Zoom to Live Events

This option is for groups that want to host the same live event together. Our platform cannot support multiple video sources like Zoom at the moment.

As a workaround, you can have a Zoom meeting first and then we will use OBS to direct that video feed to your Insight Timer live event.

Here are the applications we will need to use:

  • Zoom. Download here.
  • OBS. Download here
  • VB-Cable. Download here.
  • OBS Audio Monitor. Download here.
  • OBS VirtualCam plugin for Windows. Download here. For MacOS, it should already be built-in. If ever your OBS still doesn’t show a Start Virtual Camera button at the bottom right under the Controls dock, go to the aforementioned link to download the plugin.
  • You will also need to make sure that screen recording for OBS is permitted by your MacOS. Here's how to do this.

Note: Using Zoom, OBS, and live streaming at the same time might be too taxing for some computers. The recommended RAM is at least 8GB. OBS is a free third-party software. If you encounter issues using it, it's best to check their help page here. There's also a YouTube video tutorial for your reference.

If you wish to add a virtual background to your Live Event, here's how to do it. You may also add some background music from your computerHere are other ways you can prepare for your session.

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