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Publishing Premium Content

Publishing Premium Content on Insight Timer offers a great opportunity for teachers to monetize their offerings.

Teachers who have published two (2) Free Tracks on Insight Timer are eligible to publish Premium Content. This is an opportunity for teachers to share more offerings to a wider, more dedicated audience and a substantial move towards a more rewarding journey.

What is Premium Content?

Premium Content encompasses studio-quality audio Courses and Premium Tracks, including guided meditations, talks, and music, exclusively available to our MemberPlus Subscribers.

Why should I upload Premium Content?

Unlock Higher Earnings: We prioritize sharing a substantial portion of revenue with our teachers for Premium Content. 

Deepen Connections: Premium Content allows teachers to connect with the community of subscribers on a deeper level by providing more in-depth and higher-quality content, enriching their Insight Timer experience.

How can I generate revenue from Premium Content? 

Insight Timer allocates most of the revenue shared with teachers based on the plays of your premium offerings. More details about revenue distribution can be found in our guidelines here

How can I maximize earnings from Premium Content?

  1. Spread the Word: Promote your premium tracks and courses within the platform through Live Events and your Group/s. You can also leverage external channels like your other social media platforms, email newsletters, and word of mouth.
  2. Content Depth Matters: Consider the importance of content depth on your earnings, and explore ways to enrich your offerings

To begin your Premium Content journey, log into your Teacher Dashboard, click on the Course or Premium Tracks tab, and start uploading. 

If you have any questions or clarifications about Premium Content, feel free to leave us a message at publishers@insight.co. Please make sure to regularly check your email inboxes, spam, and junk folders for responses and notifications about your queries and submissions.

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