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How do I become a Teacher on Insight Timer?

In order to start publishing your content and teachings on Insight Timer, you need to sign up for a Teacher account. Kindly first go over our Requirements and Guidelines for Teachers to avoid delays. Once you've read these, please sign up on our website where the following information must be filled up:

Teachers must provide a name, a unique username, and their location. A first name and a last name is ideal, but we also welcome the use of artist pseudonyms and aliases. We also recommend that you use a username similar to your Teacher Name so our users can find you more easily. Similarly, putting in your location will improve your discoverability.

Your profile photo must be a high-quality headshot with a resolution of at least 1600 x 1600 (square), and a maximum file size of 5mb. It must be well-lit, not at an awkward angle, not overly edited or heavily filtered, and not depict nudity or violence. No black-and-white images, and no selfies, please. No busy backgrounds or plain white backgrounds, too. It also must not have any text or borders. Here are sample headshots for reference.

For a group or organization, logos are accepted. The logo should just be the “icon” and not include any text.

Musicians may use a full-body photo, but only if it shows them using or with their instrument/s. Live Yoga teachers may likewise use a full-body photo of them in yoga poses. Here are some sample photos for Live Yoga Teachers.

Your Publisher Bio is a place for you to tell listeners about yourself and your practice. Please make sure it is written in the third person, and keep it between 200 and 500 characters (about 60-80 words). Do not use emojis, all caps, and include web links – there are dedicated sections for this. 

All these requirements must be met before your tracks can be published and/or you're allowed to use the Live platform.

Every Publisher Profile has a custom URL for you to share via email or on social media. Using this link means people will be taken directly to your profile within the app.

Your custom URL is: insig.ht/youruniqueusername

Your unique username can be found in your Teacher Profile. You would have created this when you set up your Profile on the website. Alternatively, take a look at your Insight Timer Teacher link on the website, the name after the forward-slash is your username. 

Once completed, your information will appear on both the website and within the app alongside your catalog of tracks. This means people can easily access all your content in one spot. You may also now start uploading content.

Please note that your unique URL will only be live once your profile is activated and you've uploaded at least one track on the platform. Here's how to upload content on Insight Timer.

become an insight timer teacher

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