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Content Depth: How To Grow Your Audience

Building an audience isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Every teacher has strengths, and every user will have different preferences. However, Insight Timer cultivates a diverse and engaged user base, with so many like-minded people that you're bound to find a crowd.

As our revenue-sharing model is tied to publishers' accomplishments, our mission is to empower our Teacher Community to succeed on our platform. We are committed to providing our teachers with the tools and knowledge they need for success. Our insights highlight key factors that set successful teachers apart; we refer to these factors as the four pillars of content depth.

Content Depth is the group of factors that can potentially influence teachers' performance and also ensures that our community has a rich and diverse selection of content to choose from. It consists of four categories:

1. Quality - Engage users with appealing visuals and high audio quality to create captivating content, resulting in positive ratings and reviews. This also includes compelling titles and descriptions.

2. Quantity - Offer a good number and variety of free tracks, premium tracks and courses, enhancing users' well-being experiences.

3. Diversity -  Address various topics to cater to different preferences, aligning with users' specific needs. Having content with various track lengths is also recommended.

4. Activity - Regularly uploading content, hosting live events, and responding to reviews and questions fosters an engaged, connected community. Additionally, sharing your content and profile externally can give extra traction to your account.

While these criteria are central to Content Depth, they are not the only factors contributing to success. Additionally, the following tips are recommended for optimizing account performance.

Spread The Word

Invite your students, family, and friends to join the app so they can follow you, listen, comment and rate your tracks. The app provides shareable links to your profile and content, making it easier to spread the word on social media and other platforms.

Curate Your Content

Make it easy for people to find your content by creating Playlists. Playlists are a great way to organize your content, particularly if you have a series or you release content by episodes.

Build a Tight-knit Community

Take your engagement to the next level by creating an exclusive Group for your audience. Utilize the Group function so people who follow you can get together and find like-minded individuals. Plus, you'll get to reach them easily and directly, making it the perfect place to share your Insight Timer content.

Put A Face To The Voice

Our users love it when they get to see their teachers speak — not just hear them. You can do this by hosting Live events. Take this opportunity to share more of yourself and your work with the community, promote your content on the app, and offer real-time interaction with your audience.

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