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Insight Timer's Guidelines For Teachers

Insight Timer is committed to creating a quiet and safe place for meditation and contemplation, as well as a space for teachers to share their knowledge and connect meaningfully with our community. To foster a positive, inclusive, and diverse platform for all users and publishers, Insight Timer's guidelines must be adhered to with the utmost attention.

These guidelines apply to the content you publish, the live events you host, and all your interactions with the community, whether they occur in groups, comments, reviews, course classrooms, or messages.

Important Notice: Please be aware that failure to comply with any of the following rules may result in your tracks and courses being rejected or unpublished, in your publisher profile being notified, suspended from posting and interaction features, or banned from the platform.

If you see something that you think may violate our guidelines, or if you need support, please let us know by emailing publishers@insight.co or chat with us through the Live Chat feature located at the bottom right corner of the Teacher Dashboard.

We encourage you to regularly check your email inboxes, spam, and junk folders for responses and notifications about your queries and submissions.

No Promotion

Please refrain from including any form of cross-promotional content in your offerings or interactions with our platform and audience, whether it's through video, audio, or text. This includes web links, references to products, services, email lists, websites, books, courses, retreats, contact details, or other platforms.

We encourage you to limit external promotion to the use of the web link on your teacher profile. This way, you can share your work while preserving a quiet and safe community for all. For further details, please refer to this link.

No Spamming

We have a non-spamming policy that aims to provide a safe and respectful environment for all users. We prohibit the sending of unsolicited or unwanted messages, including promotional content, to any individual or group without their explicit consent.

Additionally, it is not allowed to cross-post the same message into more than one group, live event, quotes thread, or any other forum or interaction tool within the app.

Also, please do not post private messages from other users without their permission.


It is prohibited to send multiple and repeated invitations to the same users to join a group.

Some Groups may choose to have specific guidelines separate from Insight Timer's community guidelines, which must be followed. You can find these guidelines when joining the Group or in the "About" section of the Group.

Please note that the Admin or Moderator of private Groups may remove posts or users from their curated Groups if these guidelines are breached.

Artificial Intelligence

We do not permit the use of content or voices created using generative AI. Our policy on generative AI will continue to evolve as the implications and capabilities of these tools progress. For the time being, we maintain that Insight Timer should remain a platform for genuine and authentic human-generated content.

As for accompanying images of tracks and courses, we do not allow AI-generated pictures that appear unnatural, dark or present cluttered or contorted faces, limbs, and elements that may induce confusion or negative emotions.

Please read our policy regarding the use of AI for content creation here.

Copyrights, Credits, and Permissions

Before uploading any content on the app, it is essential to ensure that you possess all the necessary rights. We strongly emphasize copyright compliance, so please remember to credit all musicians for background music and acknowledge other teachers who may have influenced your work.

If you are uploading content on someone else's behalf or using a trademarked term or practice, you may be asked to provide written permission. Any materials found to violate copyright will be promptly removed.

Please note that royalty-free music tracks are only allowed on the app when used as background music for a guided meditation or as a sample for an original musical piece.

Content that is already in the public domain may be accepted, such as readings, lectures, or stories, provided that the original creators are properly credited. 

For further information, please read this article.


Credentials and Qualifications

To ensure accurate representation, credibility, and copyright protection, proper credentials are required when sharing specialized practices such as Neuroscience, Psychology, MBSR, ACT, the Wim Hof Method, Yoga, and similar disciplines.

To demonstrate your expertise and support the topics you teach, we recommend providing all relevant qualifications, accreditations, certificates, or diplomas. To do so, please upload these documents on your dashboard by following these steps: Go to Publisher Profile > Scroll down to Accreditations > Upload the relevant documents > Save the changes.

Content Quality

As a primarily audio-based platform, Insight Timer places a strong emphasis on sound quality across all forms of content, including tracks, courses, and live events. We strive to provide meditators with the best possible experience and encourage generous ratings for teacher's content. To achieve this, we request a high-quality audio standard, free from background or microphone noises or interference. Please also ensure there are no sudden volume fluctuations and maintain a proper balance between the voice and background music volume.

For live events, we ask for good video and internet connection quality, and we appreciate clear and well-written titles and descriptions for all content.

Our Publishing team will assess your setup before enabling your profile to go live on Insight Timer. They will also review all tracks and courses before displaying them on the platform. Please note that we may reject your content if it does not meet our quality standards. Please, check our Best Practices For Content and our Recording Tips.

Disclaimers And Warnings

When your content addresses sensitive and potentially triggering topics such as depression or eating disorders, we request that you include a "trigger warning" note at the beginning of your recordings and within the descriptions of your tracks, courses, and live events. Additionally, it is important to emphasize that your content is not a substitute for professional help, and there are no scientific claims.

In cases where it is necessary, please provide reminders about exercising necessary caution and taking appropriate steps to ensure health and safety, such as avoiding activities like driving or operating heavy machinery. These reminders should be included in both the recording and the description.

Prohibited Topics

Overtly or Suggestively Sexual

Sexuality is an essential aspect of overall well-being. However, until we implement appropriate filters for content that is sexual in nature, contains sexual references, sexual undertones, or sexual suggestions, we will refrain from accepting such.


We do not accept content that promotes, criticizes, or discredits specific organizations, movements, or ideologies, or any other topics that can be divisive, polemic, controversial, and polarizing to a broad audience.


Discrimination or Hate Speech

We are committed to building an inclusive and diverse platform. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, prejudice, or exclusionary speech. Additionally, we do not allow hate speech or any behavior or content that is violent or demeaning.

Explicit Language

Content featuring explicit language may be accepted, as long as it is used in context and not excessively. A disclaimer or warning in the description is necessary to inform listeners about the content. Additionally, please avoid using excessive explicit language during your live events. This helps ensure our platform remains a respectful and safe environment for all.

Any Form of Hypnosis

We believe that hypnosis should be practiced in a safe environment, preferably through face-to-face sessions with a trained practitioner.

References to Substance Use

We prohibit content that references, promotes, encourages, or implies the use of drugs, alcohol, or any mind-altering substances.

Content Led by Children or Individuals Under the Age of 16

While we applaud and encourage the initiation of mindfulness practices at a young age, we prefer that our resources be provided by qualified teachers. We welcome content intended for parents to listen to with their children, but we do not permit content led by children or individuals under the age of 16.

Money-making Programs or Financial Services

We do not accept content related to, promoting, selling, or offering any financial services. This encompasses cryptocurrencies, insurance, multi-level marketing, investment plans, wealth management, and others.


Discussing the topic of suicide may be triggering for some of our vulnerable users. Therefore, until measures are in place to safeguard the well-being and safety of our users, we will not accept such content.

Keeping Our Community Safe

If you see another member violating our guidelines, you can do the following:

For Live Events

  • Report comments by tapping the flag icon next to a comment.
  • Report users by tapping on the user’s avatar to bring up their profile page, then tap on the flag icon in the top left-hand corner.
  • Report other teachers by tapping on the teacher’s avatar to bring up their profile page, then tap on the flag icon in the top left-hand corner.
  • Report events by tapping on the “... ” next to the comment field and selecting ‘Report event’.

For Groups

  • Report comments by tapping the flag icon next to a comment.
  • Report users by tapping on the user’s avatar to bring up their profile page, then tap on the flag icon in the top left-hand corner.

Blocking Specific Users

  • Block or report users by going to their profile and tapping the “... ” under their Bio.

Crisis Support

If you are in crisis, or if you believe someone else may be in danger, the following link provides resources to offer immediate assistance: Help Now.

We appreciate your understanding and full compliance with our guidelines. If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to reach out to us via publishers@insight.co.

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