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How do I publish an audio course on Insight Timer?

All Insight Timer publishers are able to upload MemberPlus Courses directly from their Teacher Dashboards. 

To upload your audio course, please follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click on the Courses tab
  3. On the top right corner, click on Create a Course.
  4. Start completing the form with the required fields.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We recommend you please read our Requirements and Guidelines for Publishing a Course before starting working on your course, this will avoid your course being rejected and will speed up the reviewing and publishing process.

Insight Timer Member Plus Courses follow a simple format: 

A minimum of 2 lessons, pre-recorded and audio-only. Each course has an interactive classroom where teachers can respond using audio or text. 

The Course form has 4 parts:
Details, Promo, Lessons, and Review


You will be prompted to fill up your course's general information: title, subtitle, description, language, category, benefits, origin, and practice.

Here are some recommendations to consider when entering your course's details:

Make sure you use relevant keywords. e.g., “Master Mindfulness At Work” 

Please capitalized your title (please capitalize the first letter in each word)

Your title should not have more than 80 characters.


A short paragraph introducing the skills and benefits provided by your course. It will be displayed under the Title. Use this space to "sell" your course in one sentence or paragraph. Be concise!
e.g., "Incorporate mindfulness and emotional intelligence into your working day to enhance focus and productivity."


An overview of your course and what students can expect, including the course's main teachings and outputs, the tools, and types of practices. It will be displayed in the "What you'll learn" section.

  • Set clear expectations in your description, so students can decide if it is the right course for them. This will help you reach the right audience.
  • Add any prerequisites if the course is a continuation of a previous one or requires prior knowledge.
  • Be as specific as possible addressing your target audience. e.g., "This course is intended for parents of children with special needs."
  • Set realistic and achievable expectations when sharing benefits and skills that your audience will receive by listening to your course.


In this section, you will be prompted to upload an image, an intro audio, and your publisher intro (please make sure it is written in the third person).


To illustrate your course, please upload an image that complies with our Image Requirements and Guidelines.

Examples of Images Accepted and NOT Accepted

Intro Audio

Intro audios are a great opportunity to "sell" your course, as they are available to everyone, it will help a user decide if they should start playing your course. 

A 2-3 minute audio is ideal to let users know who you are, what is your course about, who is your course for, which benefits or skills students will learn with your course, etc.

Feel free to browse courses here and check out the intros.


A course should have a minimum of 2 lessons. 

They should be aimed at giving students a skill, a set of tools, behavior, or actions that will support their well-being journey in a positive way. They cannot be a selection of guided meditations, podcasts, or music tracks. Please read our guidelines and requirements here.

Each lesson must have four (4) parts: 

  • Audio lesson: In mp3 format, studio quality. We kindly request that each lesson have a minimum duration of 5 minutes. 
  • Title: Make sure to include keywords. 
  • Description: to ensure that your course is clear, informative, and appealing to potential students, we recommend including the following details in your lessons descriptions:
    • An overview of the lesson and what students can expect to learn.
    • Information about tools and resources that will be provided to support learning (i.e. journal prompts, guided practice, etc).
    • Benefits of taking the lesson, (such as greater self-awareness, decrease in stress levels, improved sleep)
    • Acknowledgments or references to any sources or contributors.
    • A brief introduction to the next lesson.
    • We kindly ask that each of these descriptions be a minimum of 150 characters in length to provide enough detail and context for potential students. Thank you for your attention to these guidelines, and we look forward to seeing your informative and engaging course descriptions!
  • Survey: At the end of each session, there is a written survey where teachers ask students a reflective question with four possible answers. Every answer should be a correct answer, as it is not a knowledge quiz, but a moment to reflect on the lesson's teachings. See examples here.

Please be aware that copyright infringement is illegal and not permitted under any circumstances.

Examples of Lesson's Title and Description

Examples of Reflective Questions


Use this opportunity to make sure you have:

  • Filled up every required field
  • Uploaded the lessons, audio, and descriptions in the correct order
  • Reviewed the grammar for any spelling mistakes
  • Checked the image has been cropped correctly

Please only click on "submit" once your course is ready for approval, as you won't be able to edit it afterward.

You can read here information on when and where will your course be published on Insight Timer.

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