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Help, I don't see the Friend button on a User's Profile.

There are a few reasons this could happen. The User may have disabled Friend Requests. To view this setting: 

        1. Select their Profile icon located in the lower right.

        2. Click Privacy. 

If they haven't disabled Friend Requests, please try the following:  

To clear the Friend Request: 


        1. Select your Friend's Profile on the app.

        2. Tap the 3 dots to the right of the message button.

        3. Select 'Block Friendship.’ 

        4. Select 'Yes' to confirm. 

Refresh the app; log out, then log back into the app. 

        1. To log out: Tap the Profile icon located at the lower-right.

        2. Select Settings and Scroll down 

        3. Click 'Sign out.' 

        4. Return to the User's profile and tap Unblock.

        5. Select 'Yes' to confirm. 

This will clear the invite and you should see the 'Friend' button again.

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