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What happens if I promote my external content or services on Insight Timer?

Our Community Guidelines are the rules that teachers must follow on Insight Timer. These guidelines apply to all types of content and to all places of interaction in our platform including private content, comments, links, audio, images, and so on. 

It is important that Insight Timer remains a contemplative space, free from external advertising. We are committed to making Insight Timer sustainable and sharing revenue with our Teacher Community.

We believe this would not be possible if widespread external advertising such as references and links to products, services, websites, workshops, books, courses, social media, retreats, email newsletters, and other platforms, as well as contact details, caused people to leave our community.

Considering the above, we have the following process in place in case a teacher violates our guidelines. 

First Stage

Promoting external content will result in us notifying you that you have not met our no-promotions guidelines. 

Second Stage

Continued promotion after the first stage will result in us having to send out a warning notification and action may be taken to close the teacher profile page.

Following this process ensures everyone receives ample information about the guidelines before any final action is taken.

Please read this article if you would like to report someone promoting external products or services on Insight Timer.

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