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What data can I see on the Reporting Dashboard?

Our Insight  reporting dashboard helps give admins an overview of usage and engagement. All stats are aggregated and de-identified. Workplace stats are only available via the purchase of MemberPlus for Work.



  • Session: A period of time when members are engaged in a specific Insight Timer activity. Most Insight Timer content counts as a session, including guided meditations, Live events, courses, yoga, and more. Logging in and not engaging in an activity is not counted as a session.

  • Registered members: The total number of individuals that have joined the workplace

  • Active workplace members: The number of workplace members with at least one session during the time period.

  • Number of sessions: The total number of sessions created by all workplace members during the time period.

  • Session minutes: The total time in minutes that workplace members spent in session per time period.

  • Average sessions per member: The average number of sessions created by active workplace members.

  • Average session time: The average time in minutes that active workplace members spent in sessions.

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