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What are some content ideas for going Live?

Need some inspiration for your Live event on Insight Timer?

Below we have listed some popular themes within our community and are suitable for a live stream.

  • A daily morning meditation
  • A nightly bedtime story 
  • Sunrise Yoga Asanas 
  • Sunday ‘Self-Care’ sessions with a talk and meditation
  • A live music session 
  • Conscious Book Club 
  • Weekly journaling tips / sessions 
  • Weekly creative sessions, e.g., mindful painting, creating a vision board 
  • Weekly breathing practices and tips
  • Evening Buddhist Chanting 
  • Creative Writing Sessions
  • Poetry Reading 
  • Sound Healing session
  • A post-work wind down session 
  • A talk on a topic you’re passionate about sharing like how to foster self love or boost self-confidence
  • Career oriented tips eg. how to set and achieve your goals, how to increase productivity

Here are also ways to prepare for your session, and some tips on how to have a great Live Event.

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