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Checklist for Uploading Content

To ensure an easeful publishing experience, we have prepared s a checklist for uploading content that you may refer to when you are getting ready to upload content on the platform. You can refer to this at your own convenience. 

Please make sure to tick all the points below: 

  1. Is my audio file in mp3 format? (Click here for a free online MP3 converter.) 
  2. Is my audio free of any distracting and unnecessary background noise? (Check out our recording tips.)
  3. Do I own the rights to the content and background music Im using? If not, do I have expressed or written permission to use it? (Here's a list of royalty-free music sources.)
  4. Is my file free of promotions of any kind? (Read our content requirements and guidelines.)
  5. Is my description at least 500 characters, written cohesively, in paragraph form, free of emojis, special characters, and in proper case? (See our best practices for uploading content.)
  6. Have I properly credited and acknowledged any of my collaborators, contributors, and influences in the description? 
  7. Does the accompanying image of my track meet Insight Timer's image requirements & guidelines?

If you've ticked all the points above, you can submit your content for approval. But if you answered "no" to any of these, please go over our 
Requirements & Guidelines for Teachers

Make sure that your content adheres to these before submitting it for approval. We reserve the right to reject or remove content that infringes or fails to comply with our requirements and guidelines.

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