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What are the image guidelines for an Insight Timer Premium Courses and Tracks?

Insight Timer is a very visual platform, you want to make sure your content stands out with a beautiful image, is clean, simple, and easy to understand, and where possible, identifies with your brand too.

We recommend using, clean, warmer, minimalistic, bold, compelling, and authentic photographic images that generate positive emotions in our audience. Please avoid AI-generated images.

As you would like to build your profile as a teacher, feel welcome to use a high-resolution image of yourself, transmitting a sense of welcome, grounding, and warmth, as well as considering the above guidelines.

Think about the topic you are sharing and make sure there is a connection between it and your selected image. Consider using keywords, such as your audio's benefit, origin, type of practice, and so on when searching for the right image.

Images build connections, make sure the image you use serves also as a tool to connect to your target audience.

Here are some suggestions for sites providing royalty-free images:




There are also paid websites where you can source high-quality images too:


Adobe Stock


Please make sure you select an image for your course that meet the following guidelines:

  • You must own the image's rights or it must be royalty-free and in the public domain. Copyright infringement is illegal and not permitted under any circumstances. 
  • It must be in high resolution, not blurry (a minimum size of 1600x1600px and a max of 20MB).
  • Make sure it can adapt to a square, landscape, and portrait version when cropped. Please check below the 3 cropping formats that you will be required to provide.
  • Avoid excess noise/busyness, selfies, or images taken from extreme angles.


Images should not be in black & white. They should also not have all-black or all-white backgrounds. Preferably use natural light and colors. Please refrain from using unnatural-looking filters.


Feel welcome to use high-resolution images of yourself that will transmit a sense of welcome, grounding, and warmth. Please note that selfies are not allowed.


Images should not have logos or text overlaid on them. Logos include any graphics, clipart, and any additional elements, frames, or overlays that are not original to the photo. The text includes timestamps, hand-lettering, fonts, and photos that include letters or numbers (prints on t-shirts, signage, wall writings, etc.).


Images must be uplifting and inspirational. Images must not contain nudity, be sexually suggestive, or depict any violence.


If you have worked together with another publisher to create content, please avoid excess editing/adding a photoshopped background, and so on. You can refer to these profile photos as examples: Saqib & Charles and Wakes

Cropping formats

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