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What is Insight Timer Workplace?

insight timer workplace

Insight Timer is a mindfulness program as diverse as your workplace. Many people are surprised to learn that more time is spent on Insight Timer than all other Meditation apps combined. In fact, in 2020, our community Meditated for almost 6 billion minutes, 5 times more than Calm. What's more, we price very differently too. While other wellbeing platforms charge for all your staff regardless of how many employees actually use it, Insight Timer has usage-based pricing. You can find more by visiting our pricing page

At Insight Timer, we believe in doing things differently. For us, people and purpose come first. So we ditch the ad spend, split our profit with teachers and continue to re-invest in top-quality content we know our users will love. We must be doing something right - we’re the Meditation app for 20 million Meditators worldwide.

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Get expert guidance on how to reduce stress, boost confidence, ease conflict and improve sleep with 162,000 Meditations, talks and tracks from industry leaders.

Mindfulness isn’t one size fits all. That’s why our 14,000 teachers represent a diverse range of countries, cultures, beliefs and practices, so you can find a style that moves and motivates you, no matter what - in over 50 languages.

Insight Timer has features to create connection and belonging in your workplace

  • Live Events. Take part in 3,000 live events, talks and interactive workshops each month from the world’s leading teachers.
  • Group Meditation. Meditate to any of Insight Timer’s 162,000 tracks with your favorite coworkers or your whole company.
  • Groups. Bring your team together to share your favorite Insight Timer content or share your mindfulness journey. Learn more about Workplace Groups.

With an easy to navigate reporting dashboard, it’s quick and simple to track the engagement of your wellness program in real-time. You can also add members and monitor engagement and attendance, all in one place.

Learn about the features of an Insight Timer Business Plan.

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