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Do I receive 100 % of the donations?

After app store deductions, the Teacher will receive 80% of the revenue while Insight Timer gets 20%. Learn more about how teachers earn revenue On Insight Timer here.

Bellow is an example of how much you will earn as a Teacher if you receive a US$19.99 donation:

Let's say you receive a donation of US$19.99. There will be a 30% distribution fee amounting to US$6.00. The net will be US$13.99. You will receive 80% of this which is US$11.20.

The breakdown is as follows:

Donation : US$19.99
Less 30% Distribution Fee: US$6.00
Net: US$13.99

Final Split:
Insight Timer (20%): US$2.80
Publisher (80%): US$11.20

Learn more about donations here.

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