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Help, can Workplace Groups be used in meetings and for team building?

Workplace Groups are a great place for coworkers and teams to connect, share ideas, learn and Meditate together.


Here are ways Workplace Groups can be used to support team building: 

  1. Have team leaders start meetings with a short Meditation. If your team is working in-person, have the team leader play a guided meditation through a speaker loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. If your team is working virtually, have the team leader schedule and run a group meditation in their Workplace Groups. 
  2. Schedule group Meditations to break up the workday. Why not start or end the week with a company-wide Meditation? 
  3. Encourage team members to start discussion groups on specific topics such as sleep, morning routines or creativity.
  4. Run a company-wide Meditation challenge! Set a goal of reaching a certain number of weekly Meditation minutes and track the progress in your Reporting Dashboard. 
  5. Encourage coworkers to create Groups with an accountability partner with whom they can connect with to keep each other motivated to meditate on a consistent basis.

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